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    Book Club in a Bag

    What Are You Reading?

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    According to Wiktionary, the word create means "to put into existence." What are you going to put into existence this summer? What sparks your creativity? Is it art? Photography? Writing? Reading? Cooking? Singing? Dancing? Join us this week for some great reads that will inspire your creativity!

    Hang out in our 700 section to find a wide selection of drawing, painting, and photography books...

    If writing is more your thing, our 808 section has a great variety of books on writing. Want to write a cookbook, romance novel, poetry, or screenplays? This is the spot for you!

    Don't forget to read biographies of your favourite creative people. This too will help ignite your creative juices.

    iPad MiniSummer. Read.

    Catch up on your reading this summer and enter to win a 16GB iPad Mini in our summer reading contest for adults! Just tell us about the books, DVDs or CDs that you’ve been enjoying (by filling in a ballot) and enter to win fantastic prizes. Visit us here in our Readers’ Nook blog or head to our Facebook page every Wednesday for the new theme. Come join the summer fun!


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    by Anonymous

    Your review doesn't have to relate to the weekly themes; we just want to catch your interest and showcase our collections. Feel free to review anything you've read, watched, or listened to and you will be entered to win a prize!

    by Anonymous

    To be eligible for the contest, does the review have to be about something related to the week's theme?

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