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Emily the Strange: The Lost Days

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Emily doesn’t know who she is. At least not for the time being. You see, she has a strange case of amnesia right now, and as she will tell you: “AmnesiaEmily Strange sucks rocks: big…black…rocks.” She has managed to indentify that she is left-handed, seems to like the colour black and the number 13, and has discovered/ rediscovered that she is good at communicating with cats. There are 4 black alley cats she really gets along with, it seems, and she names them McFreeky, Wily, Nitzer and Cabbage (names which they do not seem to acknowledge...of course, fans will recognize these cats as Mystery, Miles, Sabbath and Nee Chee, but Emily with her amnesia does not!)

Emily ends up in a small town called Blackrock, where, as she tells it, “there is never an Amnesia Recovery Centre when you need it.” She also rediscovers she is uncannily good at fixing and inventing things…including a sinister duplication device, which may have gotten her into trouble in the first place (most notably by producing an accidental Emily clone!) Whether Emily can handle Emily then becomes the question, yet this story is far from being a total nightmare’s more of a spooky adventure with few leads on our heroine’s identity, doppelgängers, a sandstorm generator, angry ponies, and many, many tickets issued against her (including one for loitering!).

Read Emily’s second journal and be delighted by her zany stories and fantastic illustrations – including a detailed map of Blackrock, alley cats and all – all in the vein of Emily the Strange of course. Emily has also become her own strange franchise, as somewhat of a counterculture icon, with cats and bats, golems, and attitude included.


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