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You + Tube = Fun!

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

For awhile it seemed that when something became available on the internet we would just put an "e" in front of the word. Examples include: e-mail, e-commerce, e-library, ummm... did I use e-mail already? O.k. well maybe it was just those three things. Well my point is that over the years a LOT of things we used to have to go somewhere for, or mail something to or wait in line in order to pay are now available to us online with the click of a mouse (number of mouse clicks may vary). Some feel this makes life easier and more socially connected; others feel it makes us lazy and isolated. Regardless of how you feel, there is one important factor to consider... there are awesome shows on the internet!!!

E-book! That’s another one. online

Ok, so if you don't know already, there is this site called YouTube where you can watch videos and upload your own videos for others to watch. If you're thinking wow, this would have been informative...5 years ago!! Bear with me. YouTube was launched (e-launched?) in 2005 with the idea that people would be interested in sharing their own home videos. Turns out they were! In less than a year people were watching more than 100 million videos a day and the number of videos being uploaded was increasing. That's a lot of "cutest cat moments" uggghh.....


In addition to "cat meows at baby" and "cat doesn't meow... at umm.. baby?" YouTube has seen the emergence of several popular video series. Web based shows such as The Guild, Homestar Runner and the continuing efforts of online duo Smosh have developed strong followings, proving that in today's e-environment popular entertainment is no longer dependant on large studios and executive say-so.


Every conversation I have with someone about YouTube or shows online usually leads to a long list of people's favourites. Do you have one? If so, let us know!


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