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Shakespeare.... but it's manga!

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

The Manga Shakespeare series can be enjoyed both as a fresh approach to discovering Shakespeare and as a great way for lovers of traditional literature to discover manga. Each of the nine titles presents a truly original adaptation of the Bard's work, setting the stage in dystopian futures, the North American frontier and even modern Tokyo. The text is abridged to fit the format, but the best speeches are still intact while the illustrations themselves fill in for the missing text. The drawing ranges from the wide-eyed, illustrations of traditional manga in Romeo and Juliet, to the unconventional scrawlings of Julius Caesar (my favourite of the series).

If this sounds like a series for you, here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Samurai from post-apocalyptic future kills his King and usurps the throne after hearing the prophecy of three aliens. Four-armed mutant not "born of woman" disagrees with this arrangement.


Fair Verona gets yet another makeover whilst two star-crossed lovers defy their warring Yakuza families. Maybe this time it will end happily?

King Lear

An Algonquin chief decides to leave the largest part of his kingdom to the daughter who loves him most. Hilarity does not ensue.


It's Othello..but he has wings, Iago shoots magic daggers and Roderigo is a giant fox... coyote... wolf... thing.. it's awesome!


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