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Twisted Tales

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Love a good fairy tale? Check out these books based on popular folk and fairy stories...

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by, Jessica Day George

"The lass" is the youngest child in her family. Her parents are so busy taking care of their many children that they didn't even bother to give her a name. Furthermore, her unsual gift-the ability to understand animals-estranges her from her family. When a polar bear offers to give her family wealth if she will come and live with him in his castle of ice, she readily accepts the opportunity to escape. After all, what has she got to loose?

Once at the castle, the lass encounters mystery after mystery and attempts to discover what enchantment controls her captor.

Based on the tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Beastly by, Alex Flinn

Kyle Kingsbury has it all. He is rich, attractive, popular, and gets any girl he wants. Unfortunately, he is also insufferably proud, selfish and cruel. However, when he insults the unattractive and unpopular Kendra, his popularity is not enough to keep him out of trouble. Kendra is a witch and she uses her magic to teach Kyle a lesson.

Based on the tale Beauty and the Beast

A Curse Dark as Gold by, Elizabeth C. Bunce

Charlotte's father has died and left her responsible for her little sister as well as the family business, a wool mill. The mill has been in the family for generations and people say it is cursed. Charlotte does not believe in the curse, but when bad luck strikes the mill time after time she begins to wonder. Then Jack Spinner arrives. A little man who promises to spin a room full of straw into gold - for a price. Can Charlotte save the mill and break the curse?

Based on the tale of Rumplestilskin


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