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Dance Dance Revolution

by Alexandra - 4 Comment(s)

Okay... so the first time I saw the original "Footloose", I have to admit, I thought the premise was totally ridiculous. As IF anyone would or could forbid an entire town from DANCING!

I mean, not only would that be impossible to enforce, but it is also entirely ludicrous to imagine.

I didn't really like the first "Footloose" at all. Kevin Bacon really does creep me right out.

But then I did some thinking. And here's what I came up with:

People have banned weirder things than dancing before... China banned kissing and Russia banned Emo's, for crying out loud!

And what's more fun for ANYONE than the things you're not allowed to do? (Don't tell anyone you heard that here...) I mean... we go crazy for banned books and restricted music and controversial art... Forbidden = Awesome.

So I've decided I'm gonna go see the NEW "Footloose". It's still about a town banning rock and dancing, it's still poking some good-natured fun at hick-life (Y'all get it, we're from Cowtown!) and it's STILL pretty ridiculous. BUT! It's got Julianne Hough. And she's great. And the dancing isn't line-dancing, it's like stomping the yard! And the soundtrack is sick... there's a song by Victoria Justice. And the guy that got Kevin Bacon's role is actually pretty cute.

If this all sounds good to you, Calgary Public Library's MOVIE MANIACS blog is giving away FREE double-passes to an advanced screening next week, AND there's a killer ultimate Prize Pack. To win, just go HERE.

And remember... sometimes you just gotta CUT LOOSE.


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by Becky
So I got to see the advanced screening of "Footloose" for Girl's Night on Wednesday -- the movie was totally great. Lots of fun and the music was amaaaazing. I'm definitely going to go again and I already bought the soundtrack from iTunes!!
by Kayli
I am so excited to go see it!! (: And yeah the guy is such a cutie OMG!
by Alexandra
Hey Priya! All you have to do is go to this link : and enter the name of your favourite dance movie in order to win! Make sure you leave your library card number so we can get a hold of you too!
by Priya
I can't enter the footloose give away.. do the same people win these things.. there should be an 1 prize per yr per person rule at the CPL.

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