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Kick A$$ Heroines!! Who's Your Favourite?

by Adrienne - 3 Comment(s)

In honor of International Women's Day here some kick a$$ heroines! Who's your favourite? Fictitious? Real? If you like the Hunger Games (cause we all know Katniss kicks some a$$) check out these other titles + join us for lunch!


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by Adrienne
Yes the lists for the Hunger Games ARE long... that's partially why I published this blog - these books are just as good if (dare I say - it's blasphemous I know), not better. So while you're waiting I encourage you to check these titles out!! Matched by Allyson Braithwaite Condie & The Maze Runner by James Dashner have MUCH shorter holds lists and 2 other read-a-likes are; Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien & The Lady in The Tower by Marie-Louise Jensen, currently have no holds on them!
by Amber K.
Hahaha Adrienne said a bad woooord! :P I'm gonna start doing that with other words.. I think "i" can be replaced with "!" and "c" with "(" aaaaand.. oh my, the possibilities are endless! Now just to figure out a slightly obscured pronunciation and I'm pretty much amused for life.. Homework’s “interesting-factor” has officially been bumped up a few notches. On a more relevant note I do absolutely love the Hunger Games and "Katni$$", though the number of holds on the books makes them pretty much impossible to get one’s hands on. One might hypothetically need to resort to listening to unauthorized recordings of the books posted on youtube by courageous individuals who received the trilogy for Christmas and have since then read all three books out loud and posted the results for the poor Hunger Games deprived individuals of the world such as my theoretical self. ..Could we set up a VIP borrower’s system consisting of the awesomest of us Amber’s so we can queue-jump and nab first-reads of such books? I vote yes, the SuperCat seconds, and as a democratic society I believe that officially nominates that idea.. :P
by Alex
Great book pics! No one does Kick-@$$ Sheroes like Tamora Pierce! And Kristin Cashore is amaaaaazing!

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