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Poke a little fun!

by Alexandra - 2 Comment(s)

If you weren't around (or paying attention) when the R-rated Go the eff to Sleep came out last year, you're missing out on a hilarious tradition of revamped classics made for Kids[at-heart]. I mean, this story is NOT for children -- but most people who used to be children (or who currently have their own) seem to find it spot-on.

It riffs on classic tropes in Children's Lit and Bedtime Stories -- soothing images of baby animals and their parents, gently poetic rhymes, and lots of repetition -- to help frustrated parents access a part of childcare that traditionally just isn't spoken about. People say it closely resembles Eric Metaxas' It's time to sleep, My Love, and if you check it out, you can see why.

This one particular example is extremely well-known, from the Samuel L. Jackson audio recording, to the parodies OF the parody (MAD magazine did one a couple of months ago), to the toned-down, family-rated version of the story that the Author wrote because there was such demand for it; Seriously, Just Go to Sleep.

If this is the sort of thing you're into, you'll want to check out these titles too:


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by Alex

We have all of them except for Pat the Bunny (we only have DVD's of that) and Pat the Zombie. Click on the covers and it will take you to the catalogue links!

by Amber K.

Holy CAT TURDS!!! THOSE LOOK SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have them all @ the library?! I want them all!!! The originals AND the parodies!!!!!!!!!!! IWANTIWANTIWANTIWANTIWANT!!!!! (This blog got me a little excited...Can you tell?) ;D

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