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Banned Book Contest

by Alexandra May - 3 Comment(s)

Today marks the start of Banned Book week -- a week where we celebrate our freedom to read whatever we want... even if some people think it is unpopular, unconventional, or just plain wrong.

In honour of our right as Canadians to read ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, Calgary Public Library is holding a contest. There are three ways to enter:

  • Choose a book from this list and find an article about why it was banned. Respond to this article with counter-arguments for why it should NOT have been banned. If you've read the book, tell us what you thought of it!

  • Find a different example of censorship in Canada (other than book-banning) and comment on it.

  • Make a poster advertising for Banned Book week and upload it to Teens Create.

Winners of this contest will receive a Gift Certificate to Chapters/Indigo (so you can buy ANY book you want!) and will be announced on Monday October 3rd


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by Anonymous
Often Male nudes are banned (especially full frontal) under Canadian obscenity laws whereas female nudes allowed and predominate. No obvious bias there....
by Alexandra
That's so true! Art is so often considered controversial -- but that's what makes it art! Any chance you can submit that again though, this time into TeensCreate as "writing" so we can enter you for the contest?!?!?!
by Anonymous
Another example of censorship in Canada is the censorship of art. For instance, in 1966, artist Robert Markle's collection of nude art works were confiscated from Dorothy Cameron's Eros gallery exhibition by the Toronto police morality squad. The artist argued that his pieces were meant to invoke emotion, and that they were sensual as opposed to sexual. The gallery owner faced charges of obscenity. This is similar to the censorship of books in that it restricts the sharing of new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. It's wrong to ban any piece of art or literature just because you don't agree with it - instead, you should be able to defend your point of view on its own merit. However, like book banning, the censorship usually ends up creating even bigger demand and excitement for the banned piece!

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