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Sustainable Poetry: Write & Perform Poems for Prizes!

by Adrienne - 6 Comment(s)

It's sPRinG!

gEt Outside!

JumP ArOUnd!

Hide in buSHes! (sCare your sister - not TOO mUch ;0)

Ride Down the hill FAST!

Lie dOWn, stare at the sKy, wAtch the birds fly by...

sIt bY a tRee

and WRite a pOEm for this month's Youth SLAM!

In honour of April = International Poetry Month!

Saturday April 14th 2pm in the John Dutton Theatre 2nd Floor + 15 level of the W.R. Central Castell Library. Presented in collaboration with this years Calgary International Spoken Word Festival and the Library's ECOPALOOZA! Poems are to be on the theme of nature (in some broad way). Write a poem on nature/ sustainability - your interpretation - and then perform it in a SLAM competition, competing for $$ prizes! Be inspired by these environmental poets and Kate MacKenzie's WorldViews Project!!

The Winner will also compete in next year's National Slam Competition! Sheri-D Wilson Calgary's original "Mama of Dada" and the CiSWF organizer will be on hand to host the Slam and offer inspirational feedback, advice and tips!

There are 3 prizes:

1st = $70 gift certificate to Shelf Life Books,

2nd = $50 gift certificate to Pages on Kensignton,

3rd = $30 gift certificate to Pages on Kensignton.

Special thank you to Shelf Life, Pages, CiSWF and Ecopalooza!

The SLAM will follow a performance from Voices of Nature Choir (1-2pm).

Families are welcome! It’ll be awesome!

+ We will have a face painter and other activities going on the 2nd floor before and after the slam. Be sure to check out our Verse Novels display and SPEAK Art Show in the teen space! There is also a great Verse Books list on our website

Stumped on where to start? Check out The Spoken Word Cookbook by Sheri-D Wilson, Kris Demeanor's CD's (Calgary's 2012 Poet Laureate) and the following nature / environmental poem books. And at the end of it when you're done, you could also submit it to YouthInkit!, a Calgary magazine published by and for youth. Happy trails!


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by Amber K. (Keen)
haha I just had to try saying that sentence out loud with the emphasis, but once I got to "eMPHasiZe" I got stuck on the "z" sound and just walked around "zzZZZ! Z! ZZZZ! zzzZzzZZZZZ!!!" for 10 minutes. It iZ fun! (I should also mention that I must have spent 40 minutes over the last two days trying to figure out if there was a pattern behind the capital letters, to no avail. I tried assigning the capitals numbers, seeing if they spelled anything, seeing if they could be rearranged somehow.. and here it was just emphasis all along) :P
by Adrienne
thE mIxeD caPitalS aRE to eMPHasiZe sOUndS - it's a fOrm of pOEtry thaT soMe pEOple uSe. trY it IT's FUn!
by Amber K. (Keen)
It sounds really cool, I'll be there to watch. Can't wait to see what "them young'ens" put together. :D
by Adrienne
Youth are those ages 13-17 (for the competition) however all are invited to come and watch and participate (in the non-competitive portion) This is a family friendly event! Come! :0)
by Wyatt
WHy arE your LETTers messed Up!??!
by Amber K.
Can you define "youth"? What's the max age?

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