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We're so OLD!

by Alexandra - 2 Comment(s)

If you haven't been into the library lately you might have missed the fact that we are celebrating our CENTENNIAL BIRTHDAY this year. It's a big deal. Between Calgary Parks, Calgary Recreation, the Calgary Stampede and us, this is one helluva year to be Calgarian!

This Saturday all 18 of our branches are having MASSIVE Birthday Parties -- each with a different theme.

Here at Central we're having a 5-floor... wait for it... Circus! There's going to be cake, popcorn, a building-wide Scavenger Hunt (you could win a Kobo and other prizes if you enter) a comedy festival, tons of bands playing, and loads of other fun stuff -- all for free. We DARE you come and not have a good time!


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by Amber K.

: peach : (|)


: grapes : ooooo (cuz I like to put my grapes in a line and pretend they're walking into my mouth of doom one by one with the brave man-grapes volunteering to go first and the lady-grapes fainting at the site of my chompers and the little kid-grapes.. well they usually surivive cuz the puny ones don't taste that good so I save them to throw at people)...I try not to eat grapes in public too often.

OhOh! And here's an egg that I splatted!

: splatted egg : #

..And by the way, nice work everyone who put so much time and effort into the birthday partys. I managed to stop by the Central for a little while, it was quite the sight!

by cf

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