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Teen Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

by Courtney N - 1 Comment(s)

Art of Racing in the Rain

Book Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain
By Garth Stein
Book Review by Cindy Z

The Art of Racing in the Rain had intensely captivated me within the first five pages of the novel. Under the perspective of a dog with a complex mind, we experience his souls which dealt with distress, loss, and affection. Stein has unconditionally developed an immense suspense; within the book, the reader will develop fondness for the dog and without doubt, tear up with a surge of sympathy and compassion. His life is a race, a life packed with life lessons to become a champion to complete a race; it emphasizes on the ability to overcome the deadliest obstacles. We observe the resilient dog’s soul travelling through our world taking say in what humanity is incapable of. You wouldn’t stop reading until you’ve reached the very last page; overwhelmed with the new atmosphere Stein has created, allowing us to accept a new interpretation of the world.

Over the moon?

by Tomas - 1 Comment(s)

Maggot Moon

The 45th anniversary of the moon landing came and went recently, but you can be forgiven if you missed it. Here on Earth, there’s been no shortage of tragedy and conflict that overshadowed this anniversary. Of course, 45 years ago, the story wasn’t so different, and the moon landing was deeply wrapped up in it.

In the 1950s scientific research that was developed for military purposes was put towards the goal of space exploration, primarily by the two Super Powers that emerged following the Second World War. From the launch of Sputnik to President Kennedy’s promise to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, the ‘space race’ was another field of competition in the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Maggot Moon, by Sally Gardner, is set in a fictional country much like this one, but with a twist. The world that 15 year-old Standish Treadwell lives in exists as a ‘what if’ scenario… a bleak totalitarian world that resembles what might have been had the outcome of the war gone a slightly different path.

Standish is caught up on the machinations of the totalitarian ‘Motherland’ whose ambitions to reach the moon are pursued at the expense of its citizens. In the book, the moon landing is similarly a symbolic accomplishment for the government, a demonstration of its technological and military prowess. As an escape Standish and his only friend Hector fantasize about launching their own rocket. Bypassing the moon altogether, they set their sights on “Juniper”, an imaginary planet which embodies their desire to transcend the terror of their world, in favour of a new one full of possibility and hope.

Maggot Moon

Teen List: The Top 10 Things to do in Calgary

by Courtney N - 0 Comment(s)

yyc summer

Avanti sent us her top ten things to do in and around Calgary this summer:

1. Sleep - No alarms, no schedules, just time to sleep!
2. Hike - Take weekend trips to Banff and Jasper to enjoy the great outdoors.
3. Boat - Rent a boat and spend a fun-filled day at the lake!
4. The Calgary Stampede - Enjoy the greatest outdoor show on Earth!
5. Festivals - Check out the scene with Globalfest, Expo Latino and Tastes of Calgary, to name a few.
6. Calaway Park - Roller coaster, anyone?
7. Calgary Zoo - “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”
8. Farmers Markets - The food looks AMAZING!
9. Drumheller - Badlands, hoodoos and dinosaurs: a great combination!
10. Spruce Meadows - Lots of cool tournaments to watch!

Teen Review: Animal Farm

by Courtney N - 0 Comment(s)

Book Review: Animal Farm
By George Orwell
Book Review by Cindy Z

Animal FarmAnimal Farm

A forceful desire to establish a utopian society, the animals on the farm are anticipating the day to dictate against mankind and establish their own form of government. As interesting as it sounds, Orwell establishes Animal Farm to simplify the idea of the Russian Revolution replacing the dictators with pigs on the farm. After centuries of undergoing humanity’s cruelty, the animals have decided to stop acquiescing to mankind and start deteriorating the homes of their enemies. Their idea of socialism soon is established dividing the animals to several classes while the pigs dictate the group. Their tyranny soon develops into a sense of dismissiveness towards others while they themselves maintain their own desires. Animal Farm portrays instinctive cruelty when authority is in place. Their abusive of language soon puts the others into susceptibility and is seen as inferior. Animal Farm significantly demonstrates its relations to the Russian Revolution by the classes the animals fall under. Those who dictate tend to manipulate the working class while they themselves maintain the advantages.

Animal Farm is an intense, captivating novel that glued me to its pages. Every flip created an accumulation of intensity, thrilling the reader’s mind into the perspective of the animals. The world Orwell created was very realistic, understanding the rules of language and those who tyrant society. Highly recommended, I guarantee you wouldn’t want to put it down once you’ve started!

Harry Potter Fans Unite!

by Emily - 2 Comment(s)

Harry Potter AllianceAre you a huge fan of Harry Potter looking for something cool to do over the summer? Muggle Studies YYC, the Calgary chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) might just be the group for you! The HPA is an international not-for-profit group that uses the wizarding world of Harry Potter (and other fiction) as inspiration to improve local and international communities.

Muggle Studies YYC already had their first meeting on June 12 and went for a movie night on June 17 to go see the new film version of The Fault in Our Stars. They have all kinds of cool things planned for future gatherings like more movie nights and craft days where they'll make their own wands and more! The group will also being doing their first community service campaign called Accio Books, a book drive to collect books to donate to the Calgary Public Library.

If hanging out with fellow book lovers and doing good things for your community sounds like something you might be into you should contact Muggle Studies YYC at to join their mailing list so that when their next meeting is announced you can be there! And if by chance you were hiding under rock and have never read the Harry Potter series, you should probably get started on that!

7 Things To Know Before Applying For a Library Job

by Christine A - 20 Comment(s)

Each library in our system receives hundreds of applications from students each year. As a former Page Supervisor myself, I know that maybe only ten of those applications will be read and only three of those applicants will be called for an interview. Supervisors don't have time to read each and every resume so they flip through the stack of hundreds and choose the handful that made an immediate good impression. If you'd like to know how to stand out from the pack, read on!

Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System1. Know What the Job Entails.

Youths ages 14-17 are employed as student Pages. A Page shelves books, movies and cds in their correct order, meaning that the ability to sort items by author, title and Dewey Decimal number is crucial. If you can answer these questions, you have the sorting skills to be Library Page!

a) Arrange the following entries in numerical order:

J 373. 01124 MOD

J 372. 011244

J 373. 011

b) Arrange these authors' names alphabetically:

Brown, Georges

Browne, George Andrew

Brown, G


2. There Are No Summer Jobs.

It takes a few months to train new hires. If we hired students for the just the summer, they'd leave us just when they were turning pro. Pages work both evening and weekend shifts, usually 6-9 hours per week. So, you may work 3 hours Tuesday night and 6 hours on Saturday. Your supervisor will be flexible with your schedule if you tell her about your extracurricular activites and study habits; however, she needs to make sure that the branch operates efficiently. When returned books don't make it back to the shelves on time, customers can get grumpy!

3. Your Availability.

On our employment application form, there's a grid asking which times you're available to work. Be sure to fill it in and remember: the more you're available, the more employable you are! The Page Supervisor might be looking for someone who can work specific shifts, so if you're only free on Sunday afternoons odds are you won't get a call. Cry

4. Never Have a Parent Drop Off Your Resume.

People who let their parents job-hunt for them lack initiative. It tells us that you don't really want a job, but that Mom really, really wants you to get a job. It's fine for your parents to accompany you, but you should take the application to the Information Desk yourself and ask your own questions. Let Mom and Dad hang back. The world of work is not like the world of school. If, for example, you had to negotiate a shift change with your supervisor or coworker, you'd be expected to do so yourself in a mature way. You can always discuss what you intend to say with your family before attempting it at work, but you deal with your boss and colleagues independently. Diplomacy in the workplace is a life skill you'll start developing at your first job.

5. Go the Extra Mile.

Everyone fills out an application form. Applicants who stand out include a cover letter and resume. A cover letter is a top page with a couple paragraphs you've written about your wondrous suitability. The resume is a listing of your experience and skills. There are lots of ways to format these papers, so do check out some examples.

6. You Do Have Experience

You're so young that no interviewer would expect you to have any real employment experience, but you still need to fill in the work history part of the application. If you babysat, it shows you're trustworthy and can work without direct supervision. What? You helped your school librarian stamp books in grade 6? Well, clearly you've had a long-time interest in library services. Think about any volunteer, extracurricular or academic experiences you've had that can go on a resume.

7. Follow Up
When you drop off your resume, ask for the Page Supervisor's name and call her within the week to request an interview. If she says she's not hiring at the moment, ask her to please keep you in mind for when there is an opening. Believe me, unless there's a problem with the application (misspellings, poor availability etc) she will put your resume in the "To Be Called" file and you probably will get a call when she's interviewing applicants again. Once you've spoken to the Page Supervisor, do not badger her with phone calls! Don't call 6 times. If she doesn't ring in a month or two, follow up again.

Lastly, should your parent follow up for you? Refer to #4.

The Calgary Public Library is a great place to work! Staff and customers treat Pages well —no one will hassle you because you forgot to give them extra ketchup. And there may be a career in it: if you were a great Page, you may get hired for an adult Support or Customer Service role when you turn 18. I know a few people who started as Pages and, after completing their Library Science degrees, are now Managers. So, maybe 7 years from now you'll be your old boss' boss... Now wouldn't that be sweet?

You gotta be in it to win it...

by Tomas - 4 Comment(s)

Have you registered for Youth Read yet? Not that you need any motivation, but I thought I'd just put these images here...

books skullcandy tetris clock

john green


wacom tablet marauder's map

so yeah, that link again?

Announcing the Ideal Space winner!

by Carrie - 2 Comment(s)

We asked you to show us your perfect study or hangout space...

...and as always, the entries were creative and inspired, and it was a tough job to choose our favourite. In the end, though, there can be only one, and this time it's Hasna Nazir. She wins a $100 gift card for Cadillac Fairview malls (Chinook & Market Mall).

The judges had this to say about her entry:

"Hasna’s vision for “Our Space” is inspiring! Colourful and dynamic, it is a space for teens to think, dream, explore, and become. "

While there was only one winner, all of your thoughtful entries will guide us in building the New Central Library and future neighbourhood libraries. Thanks for taking part, and helping us build a better Calgary Public Library.

If you enjoy contests, remember that Youth Read is right around the corner, and you can sign up now for a chance to win some great prizes over the summer!

What's Your Ideal Space?

by Carrie - 1 Comment(s)

Picture this:

you're getting ready to study for a test, do homework, or just hang out with friends.

Where are you? What does your perfect study or hangout space look like? We want you to show us your ideal spot, so draw it, photograph it, collage it, or use photoshop to build the best possible place.

Send it to us by email, or share it on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest with the hashtag #CPLfwd, and you could win a $100 gift card to Chinook or Market Mall!

The Rules:

  • This contest is open to Calgary students in Grades 7-12.
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Deadline for entries is May 16, 2014.
  • If you’re emailing it to us, send your file as a .jpg, .png, or .psd to
  • Winners will be announced on our Teen Blog and social media sites on May 20, 2014.
  • Disclaimer: By entering this contest, you agree that you and your parent/guardian give consent for your work to be posted on the CPL website and reposted on our social media sites. You also agree that all work submitted is your own original work.


by Alexandra May - 1 Comment(s)

We did a post a few months back about dreamcasting "The Fault in Our Stars" and the problems of getting IMDB'd -- well that movie is set for release and we find ourselves overloading on Shailene Woodley. I mean, she's great. I actually really like her. But it's getting weird for me to see her mackin' on someone in one movie and then punching them in the face in the next. Or having an entire childhood with somone in one movie -- a close sibling relationship -- and then falling deeply in love with them and making me cry my face off in the next!

I mean... acting, right?

But still. It's weird.

So here's my question -- have you ever seen two actors in a movie and loved them in those roles, only to have them do another movie together that CHANGES EVERYTHING?

There are a lot of actors that continually make movies together -- George Clooney and his Ocean's team? The Brat Pack? The Frat Pack? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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