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We're so OLD!

by Alexandra - 2 Comment(s)

If you haven't been into the library lately you might have missed the fact that we are celebrating our CENTENNIAL BIRTHDAY this year. It's a big deal. Between Calgary Parks, Calgary Recreation, the Calgary Stampede and us, this is one helluva year to be Calgarian!

This Saturday all 18 of our branches are having MASSIVE Birthday Parties -- each with a different theme.

Here at Central we're having a 5-floor... wait for it... Circus! There's going to be cake, popcorn, a building-wide Scavenger Hunt (you could win a Kobo and other prizes if you enter) a comedy festival, tons of bands playing, and loads of other fun stuff -- all for free. We DARE you come and not have a good time!

Name that Chameleon and win!

Name that Chameleon and win!

by Jilliane - 0 Comment(s)

Name that Chameleon and win!As many of you already know, 2012 is going to be a very special year for the Calgary Public Library in more ways than one. First of all it's our centennial, yes it's true we've been serving Calgarians for 100 years and in order to honor this milestone we're throwing all of a Calgary a party. Not only are we opening up a brand new branch in the Northeast (Saddletowne) on January 14th, 2012 but at the grand opening we'll be introducing our brand new mascot! Now you might be thinking, why should I care about any of this, but the really great part is that you have a chance to go down in library history!

That's right Calgary, we're giving you the chance to name our mascot. We have chosen a chameleon to represent us, but we're leaving the name up to you! Need inspiration for your entry? Be sure to visit your nearest library branch and check out some of the great resources we have on chameleons. Something to remember when choosing your name is that the winner will be chosen based not only on the fact that they chose an excellent name, but also on why they think that is the perfect name (yes you need to give us a reason as well as a name). This will not be a random draw. Entries will be carefully judged one by one and the winning entry will ideally be an original and suitable name for a Calgary Public Library mascot. So go ahead and think outside the box on this one. It might be helpful to ask yourselves, what does the library mean to me? We already have lots of great entries so be sure to enter soon. If you need more time, you will have up until 11:59 pm, January 3, 2012. All Calgary Public Library cardholders are encouraged to suggest names. Entry forms are available at all CPL libraries, online using the electronic form, or you can print a form and drop it off at any Calgary Public Library location. Oh and did I mention in addition to choosing the winning name, you'll also win a bag of Calgary Public Library swag. For full contest details please click here. May the best name win!