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    Secure Footing from the Writers' Union

    by Philip Rivard - 0 Comment(s)

    When E-Readers first appeared to the public I started to fantasize about different ways of destroying them. Leaving them on train tracks. Tossing them off the roof of tall buildings. Putting them in the microwave. Perhaps even down the toilet.

    But I work at the library. At least once a day, and sometimes all day, we talk E-Books. We talk Epub, MP3, Adobe Digital, Media Consoles and Supported Devices. Not what this techno-phobe had in mind on his way to work, but the general public is responding to digital books and anyone who works with books, is in love with books, or wants to write books will be deeply affected. Even the stubborn luddites.

    The Writer’s Union of Canada wants to help.

    In February and March authors Ross Laird and Betsy Warland will travel across the country hosting professional development symposiums. It’s called SECURE FOOTING IN A CHANGING LITERARY LANDSCAPE and it’s open to writers at any stage in their career, from established to unpublished.

    The Calgary symposium is on March 9.

    For complete information and registration forms go to WRITERSUNION.CA

    Books by symposium speakers in the Calgary Public Library catalogue:


    A Stone's Throw: the enduring nature of myth


    Breathing the Page: reading the act of writing


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