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    Interested in Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction and other genres?

    Don’t miss this chance to attend When Words Collide, A Festival for Readers and Writers, August 12 - 14 at the Best Western Village Park Inn. Readers and writers from Western Canada and North-Western U.S. will enjoy panels, parties and special events (such as tours of the University of Calgary's H.G. Wells Collection) with a variety of professionals, including Guests of Honour:

    - Rachel Caine: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy and Romance (the Morganville Vampires and Weather Warden series)

    - Walter Jon Williams: Science Fiction novelist, screen, television and game writer (Hardwired, Days of Atonement)

    - Jack Whyte: Author of Historical Fiction and Alternate History (Camulod Chronicles, The Templars Saga)

    - Robert J. Sawyer: Science Fiction novelist, (FlashForward, on which the recent ABC television series was based, Wake, Watch and Wonder

    Prior to the conference, there will be two opportunities for members of the public to attend FREE readings by our Guests of Honour:

    Thursday, August 11

    7:00 PM

    @ Fish Creek Library (11161 Bonaventure Drive SE)


    Friday, August 12


    @ the University of Calgary: CIBC Hub Room in the Rosza Centre

    There will be an opportunity to purchase books and for author signings at both locations. Come out and mingle with other readers and writers of popular fiction!

    *submitted by Susan Forest

    For full details on When Words Collide, visit their website at:

    Here's some titles you can find at the library to get to know these writers before the big weekend:

    StarplexOrder in ChaosDeep StateBite Club(Click cover for catalogue link!)


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