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    Hot, Red Hot Lineup at Flywheel this Thursday

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    Flywheel Reading Series

    Did you know that once a month Pages Books and filling Station magazine join forces to bring you the Flywheel Reading Series, featuring local emerging talent as well as some of Canada's best poets?

    They do!

    What is a flywheel, you ask?

    According to Oxford it is a "wheel with a heavy rim, attached to a revolving shaft, in order either to regulate the motion of the machinery, or to accumulate power."

    This month they've put together a very exciting lineup of poets. Here are the motion regulators and power accumulators:

    Christian Drake, Kirk Ramdath, Sandy Pool, and Jason Christie

    Thursday, March 8
    Pages Books on Kensington
    1135 Kensington Road NW


    Jason Christie's

    Exploding Into Night

    Sandy Pool's
    Exploding Into Night

    Love in a Handful of Dust

    Kirk Ramdath's
    Love in a Handful of Dust


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