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    Writers' Weekend 2013 - Ask the Editor

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    There's a lot to look forward to in the 2013 installment of Writers' Weekend. We've got presentations lined up all day long on Saturday, February 2 aimed at inspiring and informing writers of all kinds at any stage in their writing life. In the next few weeks I will take aim at each of the six presentations so that anyone who can't spend the entire day with us can plan accordingly and take as much advantage of the opportunities as possible.

    I wanted to highlight the twelve noon session first because I think this one might fill up really quick.

    One of the most mysterious aspects of the writing process is how the world of publishing works. How does that giant stack of paper get into the right hands, get read by the right person, and find its audience? And what does an editor do to help a writer get there?

    What questions do you have about the job of an editor? What mysteries of publishing do you need to solve?


    Book editor and writer Sandra McIntyre will take the stage at noon for an insightful question and answer session.

    Register here.

    You may already recognize Sandra from appearances on Breakfast Television or last year's Writers' Weekend.

    Previously, she was the managing editor of Atlantic Canada’s largest independent publisher, Nimbus Publishing, and started Nimbus’ fiction imprint, Vagrant Press. In 2007, she co-edited The Vagrant Revue of New Fiction and received the Halifax Mayor’s Award for Cultural Achievement in Literature. We are now anticipating the May 2013 release of a very exciting anthology - 'Everything Is So Political', featuring twenty short stories by Canadian writers that explore the intersection between politics and the contemporary short story. Check out a preview of the anthology from Roseway Publishing.

    To find out more about Sandra McIntyre go to

    For the complete lineup of Writers' Weekend presentations, click here.


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