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    Writing and Publishing Your Children's & YA Novel

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    One crucial strength of our annual Writers’ Weekend, an entire day dedicated to informing and inspiring Calgary writers, is that we try to offer something new every year. No matter how well received last year’s presentations were, we always get right back to work on making the next one better. After the first few years I can’t imagine how many comments and suggestions came back to us looking for more help on writing children’s books. After all, isn’t everybody working on their own children’s book? Isn’t everybody reading the most recent YA phenomenovel?

    We finally did it!

    This year marks the very first time we’ve been able to offer a session exclusively for writers working on the Children’s and YA novel and we are bringing in one of the very best in his field – Simon Rose.

    On Saturday, February 2, Mr. Rose will take the stage from 2 – 3pm to enlighten us on the transformation of idea into story, on getting started as a writer, and getting on the path to publication.

    Register for "Writing and Publishing Your Children's & YA Novel" here.

    Go to to learn more about his prolific career, which includes the publication of 7 novels, more than 20 non-fiction titles, and a tireless approach to workshop coaching, school presentations, and inspiring young and old writers alike all over town and far, far beyond.

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