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    Only 3 sleeps 'til Writers' Weekend 2013 kicks off. By now everyone’s calendars surely have February 2 circled many times over, but with the plethora of presentations we have lined up for Saturday we are still working hard to make sure nobody misses anything. And if there’s one thing this little Nook blog sometimes misses, IF, it might be the art of the biographical writer. I’m admittedly not the most well-balanced person. The walls of my tunnel bubble are covered in fiction with scraps of poetry lurking beneath, but without much expertise in the arts of non-fiction writing I usually keep a fair distance. Brian Brennan

    Considering how many people out there are quite likely very interested in writing memoirs and biographies, I feel kind a bad about my lack of focus on the wide world of the more personal, inward writer. Good news for me and for everybody out there interested in memoir and biography - our very first presentation of the day will come from an acclaimed historian, bestselling author, and award-winning journalist. You may also recognize Brian Brennan from his recent stint as the library's 2012 Writer-in-Residence. From September to December Mr. Brennan devoted his time to help many of us figure out the next steps to take in our writing lives, and this Saturday he is kicking off Writers' Weekend with "MY STORY" - a discussion of the art, craft, and fundamentals of memoir and biography writing.

    This presentation will run from 10 am to 11 am.


    To learn more about Brian Brennan visit his website at

    And here is a small sample of his work available on the shelves at your local library:

    The Good Steward: the Ernest C. Manning story The Calgary Public Library: inspiring life stories since 1912 Leaving Dublin: writing my way from Ireland to Canada


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