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    Change of Space

    by Philip Rivard - 0 Comment(s)

    I’ve been waiting a long time for low temperatures to stay above zero so I could move my work-space out to the garage. I am NOT a handy-man, at all, so it feels great to use a space that the majority of people would use for building furniture or repairing vehicles for the construction and repair of a novel. More importantly, the move has refreshed my outlook on the project and even though I might have to type with mittens until June I am more excited to write than I have been since the end of last summer – when I moved my office indoors.

    It’s the change of surroundings, regardless of where to, that works for me.

    In the spirit of spring-cleaning season I hope to share my obsessive compulsion to move furniture with anyone looking for ways out of a rut or anyone needing a spark to their routine. Move! Even if it’s just re-arranging the space you already occupy, or finding a new chair or lamp at a garage sale, an alteration to your personal headquarters can work wonders and hopefully set you up for a more productive writing season.

    Although I strongly agree that "a cluttered desk is a sign of genius", a spring clean-up is also a good chance to make sure you haven't missed important notes written to yourself months prior. If you're attached to your clutter, it won't take long to build up again.

    For inspiring work-space ideas check out the setups of famous writers in these beautiful photograph collections...


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