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    The 'Gentle Urging' of William Neil Scott

    by Philip Rivard - 0 Comment(s)

    If you follow local writers you are probably familiar with William Neil Scott. His debut, Wonderfull, made a pretty big splash in 2007 and his fans now patiently wait for his next novel. When I saw his picture in the Calgary Herald last week I immediately got to thinking – “Yay! – He’s in the paper… must be promoting a new book.”

    Turns out we’ll be waiting an indeterminate amount of time before getting our hands on a novel, but Stuart Gradon’s article for the Herald was still a great joy to read. I wanted to share it here because the story of Mr. Scott’s success is a great example of how dedication and hard work make a writer. He’s been an inspiration for several years and the more local heroes around town, the better.

    Read the Calgary Herald article here.

    Now that you’ve been introduced, you’ll probably also want to go check out his blog at

    Read the debut, Wonderfull, available at the library. (Click here for available copies.)


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