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    Radio for Writers on CJSW

    by Philip Evarist Rivard - 0 Comment(s)

    Here at the nook, there is no writer's block. The idea of an invisible force paralyzing the hands and/or mind of a writer is preposterous. Any type of block must be attributed to a lack of library-use or a lack of lunch. In our 'block-free' zone, there is one type of block that Calgary can celebrate, support, and utilize - the radio show on CJSW “Writer’s Block”.

    To connect with Calgary's literary scene, mark Tuesday nights, 8pm, for an enthusiastic insider look into the best of local (and far beyond) writerly news.

    To let the ‘Block speak for itself…

    "CJSW's weekly foray into literature. Hosted by Paul Kennett and Stephanie Weidman, Writer's Block is focused on local events, writers, poets, publishers, while keeping an eye on the bigger literary picture across the country and around the world! Writer's Block airs on the fm dial in Calgary, 8 - 9 PM Tuesday evenings."

    Check out the titles of recent featured Writer's Block guests in our catalogue:

    Miss Lamp, by Chris Ewart Tell-All, by Chuck Palahniuk Eunoia, by Christian Bok


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