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    The One Best Place to Write. 18 Locations.

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    We can probably narrow it down to a few generalized stereotypes. Is it a coffee shop? They’ll make you buy their coffee! Is it at home? That’s too homely and there is probably something on tv or a bed to get in. Is it on a park bench under the sweeping branches of an oak tree? Birds and insects are a nuisance, wind blows, and you can’t put on sunscreen or your fingers’ll get too greasy to grip a pen so you’re sure to be sunburnt.

    Is it wherever inspiration randomly strikes?

    Is anyone writing at the library?

    Pretty much everyone, actually, unless they’re reading.

    Any of Calgary’s 18 library branches are truly ideal places for a writer to get lost in their work. There is always space at a desk within reach of a laptop plug-in. There is endless inspiration lining every shelf of books. There is friendly reference staff to get you through any research difficulty slowing you down. And have you seen our new program guide?... Here is a small sample of the offerings we have from May to August.


    Meet aspiring writers, engage in fun exercises and share your writing.

    Central Library. Mondays, May 14, June 11, July 16, and August 13, 6 - 7:30pm

    HAIKU 101

    Join the Magpie Haiku Poets for an introduction to haiku poetry. Put your new knowledge and skills to the test and write a little haiku poetry for yourself!

    Central Library. Saturday June 2, 11:30am - 1pm.


    Join bestselling authors Kevin J. Anderson (Science Fiction), Kelley Armstrong (Romance), Anthony Bidulka (Mystery), and Young Adult author Rebecca Moesta as they read from their latest books. Co-presented with “When Words Collide : a Festival for Readers and Writers.”

    Central Library. Friday August 10, 12 - 1pm.


    Join the People's Poetry Festival ( for a hands-on found poetry excursion. Explore the library's vast collection to pull lines from books, music, magazines, advertisements, news clippings, photographs and more to create your own found poetry piece.

    Central Library. Saturday August 18, 11am - 12:30pm.

    Stay tuned for much more!


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