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    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    If you’re here you know there is one and only one piece of advice that anyone seeking to improve their writing must regard, and it’s pretty simple: READ!

    Makes sense. If you wanna be really good at something, you gotta get to know what that something is from top to bottom, best to worst, to the very last page. Professional athletes, for example, devote their entire lives to a sport. Eat, sleep, breathe. All day every day. One hundred and ten percent. There’s no reason to think we can sit down and produce the masterpieces buried deep in our guts without years of training, practice, and study.

    So, we read.

    (There's even a 'Nook blog dedicated entirely to this topic from Oct. '11. Read it!)

    If you’re anything like me you’ve got an infinitely growing backlist of ‘Want-to-Reads’ that will easily outlast your lifetime. And as a passionate, aspiring writer you’ve also got to keep up with the latest greatest trends within your market. That’s why I’m a big fan of NEXTREADS. The library has recently subscribed to this wonderful monthly booklist service and when I opened up my first newsletter I was pleasantly surprised to see that NextReads always features brand new titles in its lists.

    It works real smooth. All you gotta do is sign up, wait for the next newsletter to appear in your inbox, open it, and you will be up to date on the recent releases within your selected ‘topics’ (there are 25 to choose from!) and you will undoubtedly discover brand new authors, as well as unique featured booklists. If you're looking for NextReads without this conveniently linked blog, click 'Books & More' off the library's homepage.

    Get fed.


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