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    #TwitterFiction Festival

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    Storytime on Twitter image

    If you come across some odd-looking, more-interesting-than-usual content in the world of Twitter tomorrow, don't be alarmed — it might be fiction. Starting March 12, right at the stroke of midnight, the #TwitterFiction Festival invites the world to celebrate storytelling 140 characters at a time.

    While the proposition may seem a bit limiting at first, it's really a great way to sharpen those short stroke writing chops and maximize efficiency.

    And since we love stories and storytime, we'll be telling a short story, one tweet at a time. Follow us on Twitter (@calgarylibrary) and use our story's #TwitterFiction hashtag #CPLtf to read along. Let the storytelling begin!

    Want to write your own #TwitterFiction? Here are some books to inspire...

    (also available in ebook format)

    Several Short Sentences About Writing Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction:
    tips from editors, teachers,
    and writers in the field


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