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Library Staff Art Show

Central Library, May 2014


Martin Aguilar

Martin Aguilar was born in Nicaragua; he studied Art & Literature in Managua. He is a self-taught musician, poet and a painter. He likes experimenting with bright colors and his works are rich in textures and mixed media. He has had one personal exhibition, at ART CENTRAL in June 2013.


Heart and the Guitar


Dayna Bordage

I have struggled with the reasons as to why I paint what I paint. I paint the glass that I'm drinking out of, I paint my flowers in the spring, and I paint the mountain views an hour from my house. I paint my daughter, myself, and sometimes fleeting glimpses of light reflected on the walls.

There is something about the experience of painting what I'm seeing — something that I can't capture in a photograph. There is something about taking these things out of the everyday and elevating them above the monotony of life. It's how I cope and it's how I connect with people; this is where I find beauty.

May 1st Facing South, acrylic on masonite


Marie Flynn

As a primarily self-taught independent artist, I rely on the desire for beauty and tranquility in my still life paintings, choosing acrylics as my medium of choice coupled with a natural style for detail, form and colour. My art allows me to strive for a more realistic effect, which represents the way in which I visually see my subjects in my world.


White Magnolia, acrylic on canvas


Barbara Oliveira-Lim

Barbara Oliveira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and studied Visual Design at University of Calgary. She loves using bright colors to represent the life style, the people and memories of growing up in Brazil. The word Favela means Slum in Portuguese.




Inna Taikova

A prolific painter of flowers, portraits and nature, Inna Taikova discovered her talent just a few years ago. She brings her art into every area of her life — her clothes and costume making, her volunteer work, her acting, her costume making and her family. In her flower art and her portraits she tries to express a feeling that comes from her soul. Not only does she want to make a world a beautiful place, but she tries to enrich an entire community through art.



Inspiration in Our Hands: Artwork from the DI

April, 2014

April's exhibit featured a vibrant selection of artwork created at This is My City workshops over the last year. The collection features a large colourful "yarn painting" made collaboratively at the Drop-In Centre under the guidance of artist-mentor Margot van Lindenberg.

Image of Yarn Painting

Elsie Stein

 October, 2013

 Elsie Stein graduated from Alberta College of Art, after which she continued her art education with courses in drawing, watercolour & printmaking with Stan Perrot, Dirk Van Wyck, Dare More and others. She participated in the Emma Lake Artist Workshop and was a board member of the Muttard Gallery Advisory Board, the Okotoks Cultural Advisory Board and chairman of Visual Arts at the Okotoks Arts Council.

Artist Statement: My career as an artist has evolved from painting “as you see it” to a semi-abstract minimal manner referring to nature, remembering form and colour. This is most fulfilling for me as my creativity, imagination and originality draw more on what is in me, resulting I hope, in more “mood” rather than strict representation."

Painting by Elsie Stein

Calgary Community Painters Society

 September, 2013

The Calgary Community Painters Society has over a forty year history of bringing Calgary artists together for the purpose of exchanging artistic ideas, providing artistic support for each other and holding an education based program.

The members meet an average of three times a month from September to May. These meetings provide opportunities for sharing ideas, discussing techniques and learning from presenters’ demonstrations.  Workshops are held two to three times a year on different aspects of Art.

The group is open to any Calgary artist who wants to meet with other artists and work within the group to achieve its goals. Potential members are not juried into the group, but the group is limited to seventy-five members and currently has a waiting list of artists interested in joining. In addition to regular meetings and workshops, they hold two art shows a year.

Painting by Barbara DavisPainting by Barbara Davis


Painting by Karen BikoPainting by Karen Biko


Painting by Margot MorrellPainting by Margot Morrell


In Memory of a Book

 June, 2013

In June we featured artist Kristen Powell at the Central Library.

Kristen is a born and raised Calgarian artist with over four years of experience working in a variety of media and specializing in sculpture. She graduated from the University of Calgary with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Studies. She has a passion for sculpting with wood, plaster and digital methods such as CNC. She is inspired by nature, the contrast between the natural and urban, brain psychology and physiology and human communication.  She has exhibited her work in both solo and group shows and recently had her work acquired by the Alberta Children’s Hospital in their permanent collection.

 Picture of Installation: In Memory of a Book


Picture of Installation: In Memory of a Book


Picture of Installation: In Memory of a Book


Artist Statement

I present these books in memory of their life cycle. Through the imagination of an author they began. Forged from trees that had a life of their own, the words came to life on paper. At the library they sat and many read their stories. Whether loved too much or not enough, they were discarded. I transformed them again to share another message. As I punched out leaves from the pages, I was reminded of their origin. I mourn the loss of these books because I have not enjoyed them myself. They can no longer be read entirely, but can be experienced ephemerally through my installation. Eventually these books will return to the land and the cycle of inspiration, to physical object, to viewer will continue.

Ella Singer

 May, 2013 at the Central Library

Ella Singer came from Russia to Canada in 1997 and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated from a music college in Russia when she was 20 years old and she has been teaching music ever since. Ella has always had an equal passion for visual arts.  She started taking lessons from Ekaterina Pozdnyakova, an established Russian Canadian artist of a diverse background, and soon exhibited some of her works for the first time. Her works drew interest and she sold her first paintings. Since that time she participated in numerous art shows and exhibitions. 

Ella Singer Painting


Ella Singer Painting


Ella Singer Painting

Studio C

 April 2013 at the Central Library

Studio C is an award-winning Community Art Centre in downtown Calgary—a studio and gallery open to the public.  The Centre opened in 2005 and continues to innovate through art, connecting  diverse communities. Studio C engages the public in dialogue around diversity and inclusion through art classes, collaborative projects, team building workshops and public exhibitions.

Studio C is a project of Prospect—a non-profit organization that breaks barriers and employs change to build a productive Alberta workforce, one that is accessible, diverse and inclusive.


Studio C photo


Studio C photo 2


Studio C photo 3

Calgary Community Painters Society

 March 2013 at the Central Library

This year the Calgary Community Painters Society is celebrating 40 years of art and a history of bringing Calgary artists together to provide education, exchange of ideas, opportunities to showcase our art, volunteer opportunities, and fellowship. With 75 active members, the Society hosts an annual art show at the Triwood Community Centre in April.


Piece 1


Piece 2


Piece 3



Alberta and Arizona: People and Places

 Feburary 2013 at the Central Library

In the summer of 2012, four photographers used their cameras to explore the similarities and differenced between Arizona and Alberta. Arizonans Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and Ken Ross, along with Albertans Peter Carroll and Royce Howland, captured personal views of these two iconic Western regions. Come experience the photographs and stories of the people and places they encountered.

A Cowboy Needs a Good Horse by Royce HowlandA Cowboy Needs a Good Horse by Royce Howland


Dancer by Ken RossDancer by Ken Ross


Prairie Power by Collen Miniuk-SperryPrairie Power by Collen Miniuk-Sperry


Time Stand Still by Peter CarrollTime Stand Still by Peter Carroll


Paintings by Karen Biko

January 2013 at the Central Library

In January, 2013, we were pleased to feature the art of Karen Biko at the Central Library. Karen Biko started her life in Winnipeg and had the great fortune of living across the street from well known artist Bruce Head, who has become a tremendous influence on her work. Karen’s family and circle of friends were always involved with many creative endeavors which helped to expose her to a diverse range of styles and experiences. From spending summers with Barbara Leighton at the Leighton Centre where her mother worked, to maintaining friendships with art teachers from her high school years; art was always around her.

With educational training as an Interior Designer, Karen has been creating art pieces ranging from sketches to drawings to paintings for many years. Her pieces can be found in Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico as well.  Early in 2009 Karen was juried into the Riverview Artists Group. and recently Karen exhibited with other artists under her own group Artistic Entities.

Incendiary IgnitionIncendiary Ignition

Streaming ColoursStreaming Colours

Travelling OutwardTravelling Outward


Calgary Public Library Photography Club Member's Exhibition

December 2012 at the Central Library

In December we were pleased to feature photographs from the Calgary Public Library Photography Club. This club meets the third Saturday of every month at the Central Library to share a love of photography and meet new people while learning new techniques and tricks. Guest speakers Robert C. Berdan, Christian Grandjean, and George Webber have shared their wisdom and the Club has more speakers planned for the New Year.

Kootenay Bay Beach Stones by Brad RussellKootenay Bay Beach Stones by Brad Russell

Cat by Wanda MartinCat by Wanda Martin

Crescent Heights Panorama, by Roger SchrimshawCrescent Heights Panorama by Roger Schrimshaw

First Snow by Christian GrandjeanFirst Snow by Christian Grandjean

"Community Art Wall"

Submissions by Calgarians!

November 2012 at the Central Library


For the month of November 2012, Calgarians participated in creating a living Art Wall at the Central Library by contributing awesome pictures, paintings, photos and more, in honour of One Book, One Calgary. This was an opportunity for all Calgarians – old and young alike – to share their creativity and awesome art with other Calgarians! 

These are just a few of our submissions we received. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Please Take OneEach pouch contains a card with a different message on it. All awesome.

Happy Movember!The bubble reads: Felt it was awesome when my children and I moved into our home on our own. We created a life... together.

The Power of Positive ThinkingHere's to an awesome 2012-13 hockey season! (Hopefully...!)



"Impossible Bouquets"

Paper collages by Susan Kristoferson

October 2012 at the Central Library


Susan Kristoferson is a Calgary artist, teacher and author who has been studying and working with paste papers since 1990 and with shibori (Japanese tie dye) since 1977. As an artist she is intrigued by the patterns found in nature such as flowers, stone walls, animal skins, insects, shells, waves and newly fallen leaves. Her flower collages have several sources of inspiration. An avid perennial flower gardener, Susan especially likes looking at old "herbal" books with prints or paintings of plants.

In the 1600s Dutch artists created super-realistic paintings of flowers in vases. These were called "Impossible Bouquets" because each vase contained flowers from various seasons. The collages found in Susan's show at Central are also related to the "cut paper" folk art traditions of Mexico, China, Japan, Poland and Germany. Susan likes to create with paper because of its physical characteristics: it can be stiff, yet pliable, delicate and strong. She is educated in the fibre arts, surface design and hand papermaking.


Hope in AdversityHope in Adversity






"Petals, Birds and Branches"

Paintings by Deborah Robinson

September 2012  at the Central Library


Deboroah Robinson is a creative spirit with many outlets of expression including music, art, writing, and photography. A self-directed artist, her formal training was in music.

She is especially fascinated by colour and how it relates to sound and form. Her mission is to uncover beauty and to touch people somehow, through her art,  and she finds inspiration in the simplest things: a raindrop on a window, a certain glow of light, reflections and shadows. The macro floral pieces are symbolic of her deep exploration into the essence of creation.

Her artwork can be found in Canada, USA, England, Europe, and the Caribbean and online at and Flickr.


SensualSensual, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 24 x 24


River Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 24River Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 24


Silk, Acrylic Painting on Canvas 24 X 24Silk, Acrylic Painting on Canvas 24 X 24