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Centennial Programs

Bob Edwards Award Gala and Scotch Tasting


Library Community Gardens

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. ~Cicero


Southwood LibraryIn 2012 the Library will not only be growing minds and community, it will also be producing food and connections.

As part of our hundredth birthday celebrations, the Library is launching a green legacy project that will contribute to stronger communities, as well as fostering a healthier environment for the next century of citizens.

Supported by centennial funding from Encana, the Calgary Public Library in cooperation with the communities surrounding the Forest Lawn and Southwood Libraries are piloting community gardens on land stewarded by the Library. We envision the plots will bring together families, school children, seniors and neighbours in the beautiful act of growing food and flowers.Vacant Lots Club, circa 1920s

The community gardens are a legacy gift to the communities, and also build on the Library’s rich history. The Library’s first Director, Alexander Calhoun, played a leading role in establishing the Vacant Lots Garden Club (1914 – 1952), which supported the development of community gardens on empty lots throughout Calgary.

Nurturing mind, body and spirit—another great Calgary Public Library tradition!


Library Scavenger Hunt

What better idea for a summer stay-vacation than a city-wide library scavenger hunt? As the Calgary Public Library celebrates its 100th anniversary, it is anything but old. Join us this summer for an adventure like no other library experience. Calgary Public Library will be hosting a summer-long scavenger hunt, including geo-caching and visits to all 18 locations as well as some surprise destinations.

This exciting family-friendly program will run for the months of July and August and will use GPS units, which can be checked out at your local branch. Using the units as your guide, you will move around the city answering questions, finding clues and solving riddles on your own or with your family. Cache prizes will be available at each site, and you could win an amazing grand prize drawn at the end of this summer-long adventure.

Children and adults will have fun exploring the city in this exciting local adventure.


Into the Future—The Universe at Your Library

“To boldly go where Canadians have gone before!” From the CF-105 Arrow to the Canadarm, Canada has always been on the cutting edge of aerospace technology, helping the world to explore the skies, our solar system and beyond. Whether it is the jumbo jets that allow us to explore our amazing planet, a rich history of Canadian astronauts, or the future of space exploration, Canada has always been at the forefront of the aerospace industry.

Join us this fall for fun-filled adventures as we delve into the incredible world of aerospace technology and the exploration of our universe. A series of programs and events at various library locations for all ages will allow you to explore the infinite beyond.

Ever wonder what it is like to wear a space suit? What it feels like to walk with zero gravity? Is there another life form out there? What is the big-bang theory and what does it have to do with the Library? Join us as we ask the experts and get answers to all your universal questions.