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Teens Create...what's that?

This is a place where Calgary youth can upload their art and writing for all to see. An online publisher of sorts. You can see what other people are doing, comment, share, receive comments and be creative together.

As the Library, we want to help connect people with ideas, and making a space for you to share your art and writing is one way of doing that.

So, why not:

From the gallery

Mini 74th Hunger Games Story

by Brianna C on Teens Create - 0 Comment(s)
Effie Trinket standed in front of District 12, "Primrose Everdeen," she called out, but there was a volunteer in the bunch, "I volunteer! I volunteer!" Katniss called for everyone to hear. Then Peeta Mellark was called & the next Hunger Games tributes were final. Then Katniss sat in her little room,  and Gale walked in, "Hey Katniss. That was such bad luck. Remember that it is just their game, I know you can survive with that thought." then Prim, the sister, came in, and spoke these soft words, "I know you won't die. They're no going to kill you, you will survive. Good luck in the Capitol, Katniss, good luck to you." and with those final words, they said tooduldoo.


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