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Teens Create...what's that?

This is a place where Calgary youth can upload their art and writing for all to see. An online publisher of sorts. You can see what other people are doing, comment, share, receive comments and be creative together.

As the Library, we want to help connect people with ideas, and making a space for you to share your art and writing is one way of doing that.

So, why not:

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My pet peeve-Laugh with me!

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Do you ever wonder why people are laughing , talking so loud? I do. I always try to think the reason, maybe they are reading, watching something funny, maybe a friend told them a story on the phone that really happened that was hilarious.   I don’t know!

In the morning…

...” Hahahahahahahahhaha!!” a girl shouted. I was surprised, she wore a cute blue dress, with pink and purple flowers, black sandals with hills about 5” high, her hair where a beautiful brown with a head band on it. The head band had a blue and sky blue flower. When I saw her I thought that she was a nice, gentle girl, but I thought wrong, her laugh was totally different then her beautiful face!

She did not stop, I mean she continued to laugh for more then five minutes.

“Excuse me?” I asked “could you please laugh more silently?”. “Oh, sorry “ answered the girl, “it’s just that I was watching this video that is so funny!” she showed me the video and it was just people playing at domino with iPhones! I didn’t find it so hilarious!! “oh, cool!!” I lied.

After work…

… My day at work was really good, but then…

…When I was in the bus another man was talking to a friend, it was so loud that the driver tried to tell him to stop but HE DIDN’T HEAR IT!

I went close to him and I tried to ask “Mmhh… could you please talk not so loud?” “I can’t  hear you!” he yelled. I took out of my bag a piece of paper and I wrote:

Could you please talk not so loud??             Thank you

“OOHHH!” the man yelled again, “sorry” he said whispering, I could not hear him! So I made an example of the volume of the voice: “this is the volume that you should use in front of the public”.

It was a normal sentence not too loud and not to silent… PERFECT!

He understood and after that moment he was not annoying   anymore.

After a couple of days…

…I wrote an article about my pet peeve and I shared it on the news paper!


Michael Smith California October 4th 2013


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