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Off Line

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How'd it go?

It's hard to believe but summer is over...and that means Youth Read is too. We'd love to hear what you thought about the challenges, website, and prizes so that we can make it even better next year! Please take a few minutes and give us:

your feedback

Youth Read is finished, but the fun doesn't have to end - you can still show us your creative side with Teens Create, tell us what you're reading for our Teen Picks list, and keep an eye on the Teen Zone Blog for future challenges and contests.

Week 4: Unplug

unplugedChallenge 1: Unplugged

Our lives are so wrapped up in technology, it's easy to forget there once was a time when these little glowing squares didn't completely mediate our experience of life. Who’s to say that those days are gone forever? So here's the challenge: for just one day turn off your phone, log off facebook, leave your ipod at home. Now, take a deep breath...what will you do today? Tell us all about your experience!

Challenge 2: Read!

Need something to fill the time while you take our unplugged challenge? What did we actually do before we had smartphones? Put down your ipod and pick up a book – and don’t worry, you can still get tech support if you need it. If you choose this as your option, just select "Reading hours" as your submission type on the contest submission form.

Challenge 3: How To

Everyone has a hidden talent or odd hobby, and here’s where you can let it shine. Teach us how to do something cool - a magic trick, how to play the guitar, how to say "where's the toilet" in Japanese (it's "to-ee-lay wa doko des ka”) - anything at all. If you’re stumped, borrow a nonfiction book and learn how to do something, then show or tell us what you learned.

bonus prizeChallenge 4: Mapmaking

Bonus Prize Challenge! I solemnly swear that one mapmaker this week will win an amazing replica of Harry Potter's Marauder's Map.

It’s a cliché, but stories really do take you to other worlds! Normally these places serve the needs of the narrative, but what if you could take your time and dwell in certain areas of your favorite fictional places? What do these look like? Are there areas that need more exploring? Show us what they look like to you by drawing a map of an imaginary world or a journey you wish you could take - from a book, movie, game, or your own imagination.

When you're ready, submit your challenges using the link at the side or click here.