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Challenge 2: Summer Reading Bucket List Z:D

Week 1: Easy Does It
by on Youth Read 2013 - 3 Comment(s)

I didn't really list the books in any particular order. There basically in the order of which one came to mind first. So let us begin! 

1. Deviant by Adrian McKinty(To Reread)~ This book in my opinion is absolutely legendary. What really made me read it in the first place is how intresting the cover looked but when I read it I could not put it down.  Do you know the feeling you get sometimes when you first start reading a book and you become so entwined i their stories that it actually feels like your a character? Deviant totally did this to me. There are so many twists, turns, and precarious cliff-dives. The ending, I'm pretty sure, is my absolute fave part of tthis book. The person I least suspected turned out to in on the scheme all along! Which is what usually happens but I honestly didn't expect that! By the way, I'm not going to give away any spoilers since whenever I (by mistake) read spoilers, it's like " Noooooo! Now I know that _______  is going to die!"

2.The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns by John Green~ Lately there's been alot of praise and talk about John Green. I want to read The Fault In oUr Stars because usually everyone seems to portray cancer survivors as upbeat with a new outlook on life and those diagnose with cancer, well pretty much the same and in some cases, morose and dark. The Fault In Our Stars seems, to me, to be more than that. I usually don't go for books like this but I've got so many reccomendations from my firends so it got me kind of intrested. Not the bes treason to want to read a book but hey, its the truth! Paper Towns however, is a different story altogether. First of all, the summary on John Green's website is what drew me in. In the first paragraph it mentions genius's and ninjas, both of which I may or may not be. I am a self-confessed obssesor of mysteries. So naturally, this story about paper trails towns is alluring. It also has something to do with the main character's nickname: Q! Q, to me, also could mean Q as in Question, like even his life is just a giant question.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky(To Reread)~ Last summer, I did something that I'm not proud of. I... I watched a movie before I read the book. I know your probaly thinking 'What that's not a big deal. I was expecting something like running down a street naked or murder, even!' but since I kinda made this deal wth myself to always read the book before the movie. If some person game me free tickets to watch like let's say The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I would have to humbly reject because embarrisingly enough I still haven't read it. Although if I got a ticket to the premiere of Vampire Academy:Blood Sisters I'm positive I wouldn't be able to resist the allure. Anyways back to POBAW, when I watched the movie I was in awe of the storyline and the filming techniques used. So I immediately decided to read the book. It was eye-opening, simple legendary. I still can't forget by fave quote, "We accept the love we think we deserve."  This one quote really explained a lot of things that previously just made no sense to me. This book will always have a place among my favourites.

4. The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare~ Even though onlyy 2(soon to be 3 :) out of 10 of this series has released and there technically short stories I'm still willing to wait for the others once I've finished the already released ones. I mean, seriously Magnus Bane is just pure awesomeness, there can seriously be no debate about it. He does things his own way without a care for what anyone else thinks, which to me is pretty admirable. His fashion sense though seemingly strange is actually pretty psychedelic. But what happens in the City of Lost Souls has me midly pissed of. Yes, I understand the need for plot and character development but why pick on poor, old(literally:) Magnus? Aside from that Cassandra Clare's writing is ah-mazing! I love how she usually inserts quotes from literature and the like at the beginning of her chapters. 

5. Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu~ In cas you don't know this the word legendary is one of my favourite words. So the name intrested in me. What really clinched the deal was the phrase "Truth Will Become  Legend."  I don't remember where I saw it but I know that it was online somewhere. That saying actually sorta reminds me of that Will Smith movie I  Am Legend, in name only. I actually have a borderline obssesion with dystopian novels and movies, so this "Republic" seemed intresting enough to me. Not to mention the emblem on the book which is also eye-drawing, that is to say that its intresting. Actually imagine an emblem whose sole purpose would be to draw and eye?

6. Benny Imura Series(Rot and Ruin, Flesh and Bone, etc.) by Jonathan Maberry~ I fist saw this book at my local library. Although it was the 2nd one in the series Dust and Decay, so I wrote it off thinking that I'd find the first one next week. Its not that I didn't find it interesting, its just holds don't really do much for me since I never know if I'll be available on the day it comes in or something. Anyways next week came and passed along with my visit to the library but Rot and Ruin still hadn't come in yet. I'm pretty sure that the universe was working against be that summer because I don't think I ever once saw Rot and Ruin. This summer, I won't let the same thing happen again, I will hunt the book down or if I somehow miraculously earn money buy it. But I guarantee you, this summer will not pass without me reading this series. MWAHAHAHAHAH! Also this is a zombie hunter kinda book which I happen to relish(lame joke, I know :), you know just in case you were wondering what made me so determined to read it. 

7.  Allegiant by Veronica Roth~ I abosolutely loved Divergent and Insurgent ! Even though Allegiant dosen't come out for a while I'm still gonna put it down because ya that's just how awesome this series has been so far. Insurgent, wonderful by the way, had a cliffhanger which only served to leave me starving for more. I also can't wait for the movie to come out next year! I just know that its going to be awesome! If you do decide to read it, just so you know, Four is the bomb-diggity! Please excuse my rather strange dive into the past right now :)

8. The School for Good And Evil by Soman Chainani~ This book is compelling to me because the characters don't end up in their expected situations. Wouldn't you expect someone with the name Agatha to be evil and someone with the name Sophie to be innocent and nice(excluding Hex Hall:)? That happens to be one of the things that I like about this book. Also, I find the idea of there actually being a school that trains the villains, heroes, princesses, not to mention the underappreciated henchmen(Pull the switch, Igor!) from all those good ol' fairytales? But I really just like that name Agatha, even though its commonly associated with old hags and trolls, I still find it really cool even though I know nothing about the character herself. Guess I'm just peculiar like that :D

9. Impulse: Reckless Youth, Volume 1~ I know, I know that technically this isn't a real book but I just had to include this. Recently, a new friend of mine has gotten me hooked on superheroes although strictly DC. Marvel may have had some glory moments but I just can't bring myself to venture into their other works. Anyways back to the point, I heard about Impulse from my friend and honestly it was hero-worship at first sight. When I found out what I was going to get for my birthday, I instantly yelled out "That's so crash!!!". Which only managed to earn me many confused and weirded out looks. Although, now that I think about it I was on the phone, in public so I guess that it does make sense.  The word mode is now frequently mentioned when I talk even if the person I'm talking to has noooooo idea what it means. By the way, it means something absolutely horrible. For example, "Your dog just came back to life and you discovered that its actually a secret agent meant to kill you? Man, you must be feeling the mode.".  Impulse, in my opionin will by far always be the best superhero ever even if he isn't a well know as The Batman(insert cheers here) or *shudders* Superman.

10. A Song of Ice And Fire by George R. R. Martin~ Before I even decided to read this series I was hearing all sorts of stuff left and right about how awesome it was or how the book is waaaaaaay better than the tv show. So I decided to give it a try and read The Game of Thrones. It took me like 3 weeks to read it, just so you know exam time isn't really the best time to decide to read a 790 page book. I became obssesed, to the point that whenever I was arguing with my friends I would yell "Mine is a Fury!". Ya its was really weird trust me. This book has excellent character development and my fave character so far has to be, Theon Greyjoy. I really don't like Sansa. I mean I get that  she's young and naive and everything but it seems so obvious to me when she's being tricked. Her naivety was pretty much single handely the cause of my reading 'breaks', where I stop reading for a while to make sure that i don't start yelling aloud at the characters, Anyways, Beware because Winter Is Coming.


by Carrie the Cybrarian
Danika, don't despair, The School For Good & Evil is on its way - you can put a hold on it here:
by Danika
I loved Legend and the Divergent books too. I've heard of the School For Good and Evil and it sounds excellent, but it's not at the library! At least last time I checked. :( Anyways, love the list!
by Carrie the Cybrarian
Regarding #9: Comic books are real books. That's an offical Cybrarian ruling.

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