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Favourite Opening Line

Week 1: Easy Does It
by French Vanilla on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)


From “The Son of Neptune” by Rick Riordan:

The snake-haired ladies were starting to annoy Percy.   

They should have died three days ago when he dropped a crate of bowling balls on them at the Napa Bargain Mart.  They should have died two days ago when he ran over them with a police car in Martinez.  They definitely should have died when he cut off their heads in Tilden Park.”


These opening lines are the perfect mix between funny and mysterious.  On one hand, the reader can’t help but giggle at the classical humor that Rick Riordan so often slips into his excellent written work.   In another aspect though, the opening lines inclines the reader to continue on reading, as it sets a mood full of intensity and excitement.

Personally, I think this is one of the best opening line’s I’ve come across in my life of reading.  It’s captivating, it’s funny (but not over-done), it’s fresh… and, most importantly, it has the power to sweep the reader off her feet and pull her into the adventure, so that she can experience the journey right alongside the characters. 


...that’s what we all want from a book, right?



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