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How to... Finish Your Stories!

Week 4: Unplug
by PotterAlways713 on Youth Read 2013 - 4 Comment(s)

How to… Finish Stories

I’m sure there are many others here that love to write. I can’t very well write a guide about how to write though, because everyone write in their own unique way. But there is something concerning writing that I think is a problem, or at least my problem. I have so many ideas, but I can never seem to finish all of them. So I’ve developed this simple how-to guide of completing your stories and taking your ideas further.

Before we even begin the guide, make sure you're writing in a quiet, comfortable place with minimal distractions and plenty of inspiration.

  1. Sort your ideas. What does this mean? This means that you take a look at all your ideas or stories and determine the one that you like the most or you think has the most potential. 
  2. Brainstorm. It's awfully hard to break out of writer's block, or finish a story if you don't know where it's going next. That's why it's great to jot down all of your ideas, even the weird, crazy ones, and determine the plot of the story. Sure, you'll think of more ideas as you write-- But you want to have a basic structure. 
  3. Don't put it off. You have an idea you're burning to write? Do it right away. You don't want to lose hold of those ideas, and it will also help you progress towards the ending if you write the scenes as you think of them. Computer taken? Do it the old-fashioned way (maybe this will give you something to do for the unplugged challenge!)
  4. Edit as you go. Trust me, it's way easier. You will feel more inclined to write if the thought of all the editing you still have to do isn't bogging you down. It's a real pain to finish a story and go back and read through the whole thing and edit it. 
  5. Find inspiration. Got writer's block? Have tons of ideas but can't keep up to yourself to write them all down? Just can't find motivation to finish anything? Find something that inspires you. It could be a thing, favourite book, special place, or even someone. Whatever it is, use it when you are lacking inspiration or motivation to continue writing. 
  6. Set goals. If there's a scene or chapter you've written in your head or know what's going to happen but you never seem to write it, then you need to set some goals. Pledge to be done chapter five by the end of the week, or set aside some time everyday when you can write. Sometimes you just need that extra push. That being said, you have to be careful you're not forcing yourself into anything, so see the last step. 
  7. Be passionate. Don't finish your story if you don't want to. It's that simple. If you have no motivation or have lost interest in the story, that'll be obvious to the reader. And you won't enjoy it, so your work and time will be for nothing. So don't set goals to get things done if you don't think you'll enjoy it. The key thing to finishing your story is being passionate enough about the characters and story to continue it and see it through to the end. 


by Syd
ditto cece
by PotterAlways713
Kate: Thank you! I had fun putting them together-- I think even I need to reference this, sometimes I mess up on my own tips! CeCe: An aspiring author! :) I love to write and do it often. How about you?
by Kate
These are great tips. I'll definitely look at them when i get stuck in my stories
by CeCe
Oh, cool, are you an author too?

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