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Week 4: Unplug
by doodles@500 on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

For this weeks "unplugged" challenge, it encouraged me to do something that I usually would not do. (I am usually on the computer or using some kind of electronic device so, this was a good opportunity for me to do something else.) 

Yesterday, Sunday July 21, 2013, I went to an Air Show; I went to the Air Show at Lethbridge. I went with a few of my friends and we saw some amazing planes fly through the air and do some pretty amazing tricks. A result of being at the Air Show was that I learned some new facts that I would not have known before. This includes an unforgettable memory of how extremely loud the CF-18 (Canadian Force- 18) was. The CF-18 flew over our heads and did spins through the air.

I saw a farther and son competition; they drove the same kind of aircraft but, did different tricks. One trick that the son did was an eight pointer. That is when the plane rotates in a 360 degree but stopping at 8 points, along the way. One trick that the dad did was making a circle (with the plane) so large that the plane seemed to be on the sun! (That circle was the largest one done at the show!)

I saw eight Snow Birds fly over our heads in a perfect v-formation and had also saw them do some tricks. Some of the tricks include flying towards each other at very high speeds and the turning sideways at the last moment, to avoid the collision between the two planes, appearing out of no where and doing spins in the sky. They also did stuff like creating hearts in the air, with smoke and creating ribbons in the air for certain groups of people (which includes the veterans who flew planes to protect the country etc.) and some amazing vertical figure eights.

At the beginning of the show, I had seen the "Sky Hawk" team jump out of an airplane and so some spins with their parachute. The people on the parachutes also did zigzags across the sky carrying the flag that shows what province in Canada that they are from. All of this aerobatics was an interesting and unforgettable sight to see. At the end, I got a poster of a CF-18 and also got the autographs of the pilots that were driving the CF-18. Yesterday was a pure fun!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a picture of the poster of the CF-18 and there are the autographs of the people who were the pilots of that plane, that day.


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