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My Meeting With Dr. Seuss

Week 6: Mix It Up
by Syd on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

My Meeting With Dr. Seuss

 I turned the corner and my eyes rose to see a strange house. It was strange in more ways than one; it looked as though it was a balloon that had been stretched and molded into the shape of a house by a toddler, the base was a skinny as two people, and the roof was twice the size of an ordinary house’s. It was number 974, Rose Street.


From the door up it was painted an electric shade of orange. The door itself was violet, with a large brass doorknocker in the form of manatee.

I couldn’t resist the temptation, I knocked the door, but no one answered. I noticed a small doorbell next to the door, and without hesitation I pressed it. A Strange ring that sounded like a cow’s moo sounded off. I was about to leave when the door opened. The man that opened it was old. Around eighty-five years or so, I decided. He had a wiry white beard and a grouchy expression, but behind it, his eyes twinkled humorously. He asked who I was and why I was there, both answers of which I didn’t have nor gave to him. I told him that I was curious, and as if my answer sufficed, he invited me in for tea. I found that the inside of his house was just as curious as the outside, the walls painted colorfully with spots and stripes. He directed me towards the table and told an old woman, whom I guessed was his wife, to make tea.

We sat down at the table and he handed me a newspaper, the date of which read 1989. Strange, that was eleven years before I was born. Realizing this, I looked around the house and noticed little details that made it look strange, there were no advanced electronics, no smartphones or tablets or 3D TVs. The only electronics I saw were a phone and an old computer. Strange, I thought, this whole place is stuck in the 90’s. The woman brought me tea and the man handed me a gift-wrapped book. At least, I thought I must have been a book, because I couldn’t see the man giving me an IPad. He smiled and told me he thought I would like it, but not to open it yet. I sipped the tea silently for a while. The man told me a strange story about two children and a cat, but I didn’t pay much attention. Eventually my eyes found a clock on the wall, and I realized I was going to be late for dinner. I told the man I had to go, and he smiled and nodded. He showed me to the door and told me goodbye, and to visit again. I walked down the street; opening the package he has given me. I was right; it was a book. I looked at the cover; it was The Cat In The Hat.

I opened to the last page, where the old man sat smiling. I gazed in shock, for written below the familiar photo, there was an autograph, and it read: Enjoy, Dr. Seuss.

My jaw dropped and I whipped around to look at the house. In between number 973 and 975 Rose Street, there was an empty lot.


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