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The Mixiest Tape of Them All!!

Week 6: Mix It Up
by on Youth Read 2013 - 1 Comment(s)

This mix is for Jasper "Jazz" Dent from the book I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. My mix mainly focuses on his physiological issues and his relationships, I guess. So let us begin the mix tape of the century!!!

1. thiskidsnotalright- AWOLNATION                                                                                  This song is awesome and could basically be the theme song for this entire book. Not to mention that groovy, catchy, bluesy tune it has. That almost makes you forget what the song is about. Almost but not quite. >_< On a side note, AWOLNATION is a totally noteworthy band, there also coming in late-August for X-Fest.

2. Say It Ain't So- Weezer                                                                                                      I mainly chose this song because it focuses on a son's problems with his dad kinda like Jazz. Even though, the Song Dad has drinking problems while Billy(Jazz's Dad) is a serial killer and sociopath and basically conditioned his son to turn out as one. Which leads me to another song, Alive, only the prelude, by Superchick. Technically, it's not an actual song but mainly it makes me think of Billy trying to mold and sculpt Jazz into his spitting image of himself, only to discover that he's failed. It also pretty funny imaging him as a crazed scientist with wacky hair.

3. The Only Hope For Me Is You- My Chemical Romance                                                  Jazz's relationship with Connie is pretty much summed up in the title. How Connie is the only girl that Jazz doesn't visualize killing. He has his own theories about it but he'd rather not think that way. How Billy never, ever in all his years of killing killed a African-American. Otherwise yah Connie is pretty much Jazz's only hope you could say.

4. Time To Pretend- MGMT and Welcome To The Masquerade- Thousand Foot Krutch       Jazz is pretty much always pretending in front of the general public. He knows exactly what to do to make people convey a certain emotion or feel/ think the way he wants them to. He doesn't want to but like it says in the song he's "fated to pretend".

5. Rebellion(Lies)- Arcade Fire                                                                                         What I really like from this song is the last line which reads "but everytime you close your eyes, lies!". It makes me think about how Jazz is fed all these seemingly-prepared clues(read: lies) for Jazz. Stuff that's meant just to throw him off the real trail. It really seems to fit the frustration anyone would be feeling to know what you thought was real were actually spoon-fed lies.

6 & 7. Monster- Skillet and I'm Not Human At All- Sleep Party People                                 These 2 are grouped together mainly because of how they relate to the same things. Early on in the book he thinks he's down the yellow, blood-red brick road to becoming a sociopath. Who only mimic human emotion when in reality they don't really feel anything at all. These songs pretty much fit the bill.

8 & 9. Weighty Ghost- Wintersleep and Haunt You Everyday- Weezer                                      Pretty much every night Jazz dreams in fragments about the things he did and saw his father do. The most significant is how he may or may have not killed his mother. Its a ghost weighing on his soul day-by-day, after all if he did kill his mother what else could Billy have made him do that was so traumatizing that it had to be forgotten? In reference to the Weezer song its pretty obvious that Billy's legacy haunts him everywhere he goes which fits the song, Everybody's Watching Me by The Neighbourhood. When the murders started happening everyone suspected him because what could be a better suspect than the serial killers son?

10 & 11. The Sweater Song- Weezer and Demons- Imagine Dragons                                Jazz has a ton of problems. A cornucopia of disturbing concepts all swirl around his unrelenting in their pursuit of his sanity. Which is unraveling like one of those charmingly tacky sweaters you get at Christmas time. Although, the only person he shares them with is Connie. Jazz, to quote a line from Cage The Elephant's Aberdeen, ‚ÄĚNever saw my dark side in your eyes". What I think is pretty amazing is that even though Connie know how messed up Jazz is underneath his mostly present facade, she still stays with him. Perhaps because she knows how much he truly needs her.

11, 12, 13. Pork And Beans- WeezerPunching In A Dream- The Naked And FamousBack Against The Wall and Ain't No Rest For The Wicked- Cage The Elephant, and Lets Kill Tonight- Panic! At The Disco                                                                                               As you can probably guess by the length of this song list something pretty significant in Jazz's life happens at the end of I Hunt Killers. In case you don't want to read any spoilers you can skip right to the end right now.                     

Hello remaining readers!!! Billy escapes from prison. No I'm not just joking with you it actually happens. One would think they'd have better security... Now moving on, Billy's a sociopath so he obviously isn't going to waste any time before offing someone hence the P!@tD song. Both Cage The Elephant songs in my opinion must be how Jazz is feeling. Pork and Beans is the perfect song for rulebreakers- which applies to Billy except on a much, much larger scale. Basically Billy breaking out is breathing life in into Jazz's nightmares (Gotta thank The Naked and Famous for that one >o< ).

 Listening to Music-of any shape, type, kind, or form- is a lot like surfing. You move with the ebbing and flowing, feel the euphoria that comes when the song reaches new heights, and feel your heart thump along with that bass. Now I will leave you with one final tidbit of wisdom, Never forget that Music is an experience.


by Shay
Awesome! I loved this book, halfway through the sequel now :)

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