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Week 7: Hadouken!
by PotterAlways713 on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

This is an excerpt of a story I've been working on recently. I have only provided the first segment for your enjoyment. 

 The sharp metal of the handcuffs digs unmercifully under my skin, now bleeding and raw. I am pushed forward onto a pedestal by one of the guards, stumbling my way onto the podium where the world watches. I scour the crowd, looking for someone, anyone, who could help me. My green eyes lock on every person's individually, a silent plea of desperation. I am greeted with looks of either disgust, slight sympathy, or simply nothing at all. A few individuals give me a sad look and shake their heads, but most don't respond, nor seem to care. Off slightly to my left, the King sits upon his throne, his expression slack. Beside him is the empty throne where the Queen should sit. Advisor Gareth is, surprisingly, nowhere to be found, a fact which concerns me greatly.

    The guard roughly slips a loop of coarse rope around my neck, and my heartbeat quickens. Doomed to die, as it has been said since my birth. I know I must accept my fate. I have never been afraid of dying, yet I know that this isn't my time or way to die. Everything feels wrong. But as my gaze rises, ready to go out fighting, I see a sight I had not seen before and all my strength and pride seeps right out of me. Aylin sits mounted upon his horse at the back of the crowd, his eyes meeting mine as he sees my silent plea. Flashbacks of my body thrown before his as I put my life on the line for him sear my eyes. But as the guard reaches and begins to tighten the rope on my throat, he shows no sign of moving. 

    "Aylin, please." I hear myself say, my voice no more than a hoarse whisper, but I know he hears. He stays silent, his eyes never leaving mine. "I've thrown myself at death for you. This isn't the way I should die. Please, Aylin. Please." I have to bite my lip to stop the tears. I've known this moment was coming, but to be betrayed by the one person who I knew I could trust will hurt far more than my death. Aylin's gaze never flinches, never leaves mine, before he whips away on his horse, without a second glance. 

    And the weight of the noose tightens on my neck, pressing in, blocking my airway. My breath catches in my throat as I struggle in my battle for air. Then everything goes dark. 


 Hope you enjoyed this excerpt!!! :) I certainly enjoyed writing it. 


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