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Week 9: The End
by Nnnnoddy on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

I LOVE many things about summer!!!! Who doesn't right?

I love how anyone can sleep in without the worry of your alarm going off and almost causing a heart attack.

I love how the weather is hot and sunny and if you've lived in Calgary long enough, you know that that type of weather is priceless.

I love how you can have ice cream and cold desserts almost every day while justifying those decisions because it's so hot.

I love how there is no worry about school, tests, projects, school drama, or anything related to school.

I love how summer creates time to do the things you love like reading or watching TV.

I love how you are able to create memories by spending time with the ones you love and adore.

I love how vacationing is always better during the summer.

I love how this summer I got to experience Ramadan and then shortly after, celebrate Eid al Fitr with my blessed family and friends.

I love how YOUTH READ is always available during the summer so I can explore my creative side and participate in a contest very close to my heart.  


Summer is the greatest and although it is almost over, I CAN’T WAIT for it to arrive next year.  


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