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Summer scenes

Week 9: The End
by tt on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

The sun beams down, heating your tangled hair. Your legs swing back and forth from the edge of the dock, toes skimming the surface of the lake. Ripples cascade from the point of contact, and the perfect reflection of the towering mountains is distorted for a few seconds. The lake is just cool enough to be refreshing after a long hot day of hiking. Carefully discarding your sunglasses on the worn oak planks, you slide into the water's velvety embrace.

Lake time is the best time.

The sand burns the soles of your feet. Thank goodness you remembered to put on SPF 60 this morning! A pina colada clutched in one hand and a novel tucked under your arm, you stroll down the beach as the salty ocean waves crash upon each other. Seagulls cry, circling the aquamarine sky. Setting a brightly striped towel down, you lay on your back and flip through the worn, well loved pages of your book.

Beach time is the best time.

A startling crack is heard as the first bursts of light break pitch black darkness. With your mouth slightly open, you take in the scene as the greens and reds and yellows shower up in a spectacular fashion. The music blends in perfectly with the lights. Fireworks galore!

Now, the smell of roasting marshmallow and melted chocolate fills the air. A campfire crackles, five pairs of feet arranged around it. You sit eveloped in your favourite oversized sweater, feeling the breeze tickle your bangs. The laughter of close friends is a soothing sound, while you slowly nod off in your camping chair.

Night time is the best time.

Summertime is the best time.


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