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Cool Schools: Hogwarts!

Week 9: The End
by PotterAlways713 on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

If I could go to any school, fictional or otherwise, I would easily choose Hogwarts. I can only hope that we had subjects here like the ones at Hogwarts. I would love to experience all the classes (yes, even muggle studies or divination!), but I'd especially like to try my hand at the wand-using classes, like charms, transfiguration, and most of all, defense against the dark arts! Imagine what it would feel like to wield that power, and the determination and hard work it would take to achieve such an unimaginable feat. I would love the feeling of my wand, who chose me, and was made for me, and is unique and reflects me, in my hand and feel a flow of warmth run up my arms as I cast a spell. Can you imagine anything more wonderful?


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