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Unplugged at the Cottage!

Week 4: Unplug
by PotterAlways713 on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

I think this was a wonderful idea for a challenge! While I was away at a friend's lake, I stayed unplugged for the 3 days we were there (aside from looking at pictures on an iPad). I was able to enjoy the stunning beauty of the solitary, blissful place, and try many cool new things! I paddled on a surfboard/boogie board, tried the peddle/paddle boat, went on a scavenger hunt, swam across the chanel to White Rock and back, jumped off a small cliff/ledge into the water, swam and splashed around with family friends and entertained the kids, hiked around their small island, and sat on the bench on a cliff overlooking the water while writing and breathing in the fresh air. Ah, nature. So I can say completely truly that this weekend, being unplugged, was one of the best times of my entire vacation! (:


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