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How to... have an adventure day!

Week 4: Unplug
by write4porsche on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

This summer, I face a painful teenage epidemic: boredom. Or more so, not being able to figure out something to do. So I decided I would go on my own adventures.


Rule #1: Don't have a firm plan (that takes all the fun out of it). Have a general direction you want to go, a way to get there (biking is great -that's what I've been doing-), and the go with the flow.

So I decided to head over to Aspen Landing, and planned to get lunch there. After an exhausting bike ride, when my head was about to explode, I went to Good Earth for lunch and then got myself a cone of ice cream from Marble Slab.

Rule #2: Don't stick to ordinary. Sit on a grassy area by a pond rather than on the bench outside the store or café or whatever.

Rule #3: Try something new - just give it a shot, even in the smallest and weirdest of ways. Order an Italian Soda with butterscotch syrup instead of pop or water. Go for a more exotic ice cream flavour. Opportunities abound :)

Rule #4: Give yourself time. Don't gulp down a snack then head back. Bring along a book, or just sit there and soak up the sun (if you feel too awkward to just sit there as people pass by, pull out your phone so it looks like you're engaged in something, but don't necessarily actually do something on it).

Rule #5: Explore. Take a different route home, and stop at places that seem interesting. I ended up going to the new Target and also the public library, and detoured from my detours from my detours.

Rule #6: Bring along a friend if you want, but maybe just try being alone. Being a loner can actually be nice. Freedom...

Rule #7: Don't follow any rules or plans or anything that you don't want to (but don't be stupid). Be spontaneous (just make smart choices, please).

Oh, and HAVE FUN!!!!

Some ideas if you're stumped:

  • If your parents don't mind, go over to a park that has those BBQ thingies, and make yourself a small fire to roast a hot dog and/or s'mores. Or cucumbers. Or chips. Or whatever you find interesting. Make sure to bring along some wood to burn, a lighting method, the food you want, a roasting stick, and some way to put out the fire (if you're limited on space, such as biking with a backpack, take an XL Ziploc bag that you can then fill up with water there and then empty out before you leave).
  • On a sheet of paper or your phone, make a list of "left" and "right", then follow your random directions and see where you end up. Just don't go too far, as you don't want to get too lost.
  • New store? New café? Check it out! Facebook is a great way to learn about grand openings, as well as...
  • ... special offers and events! Free fro-yo, donuts, $2 fraps, the list goes on.
  • Just go with the flow. See where your feet or bike or horse or wagon or whatever mode of transportation you have goes.

Be smart, be adventurous, and enjoy :)

Challenge #3 Cool School

Week 9: The End
by lilskell on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

If I was to take any fictional class based from a movie or book series I would choose to take Hero Class from the the movie Sky High that was made in 2005.  I would choose to attend this school and class because not only is it in the Sky and you are surrounded by a multitued of sidekicks and heros but you also get to build and improve your powers, plus when you graduate you get to go on to save the world. Way cooler than the "Diviation" which is also known as fortune-telling class from Harry Potter that is run by "Trelawny".

Summer Scenes

Week 9: The End
by Sadie on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)
My favorite thing about summer is not having school, and going different places on vacation.

Woven Shrug

Week 2: Cruel Love
by Nyssa on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)
Woven Shrug
I did some weaving this summer on my table loom and this woven shrug was one of my favourite projects. It started as a single ball of wool, which I wove, then cut and sewed it together to make this. It's perfect for throwing on when it's a bit chilly out, or for staying warm while I'm reading a good book!

Challenge 3: Cool Schools

There's Still Time...
by Talia on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

For a cool subject, in my opinon, would be babysitting. Like taking care of youger kids. Also teaching them. It would be good pratice for when were parents!

Challenge 2: Summer Scenes

There's Still Time...
by Talia on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)
Challenge 2: Summer Scenes

My favourite thing about summer is being able to read whenever I want. Not having to wait until school is over. Also reading outside, I know you can do that in the winter, but its not the same, you have to wear a jacket.

Challenge 2: Draw Something.

Week 6: Mix It Up
by Talia on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)
Challenge 2: Draw Something.

The picture is of two girls, sisters, with their pets, a cat and two snakes.

Moraine Lake

Week 9: The End
by Hannah on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)
Moraine Lake

challenge 1

Week 3: Meanwhile at the Library...
by Taytay on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)
challenge 1

Here is my t-shirt design of the train tracks that crashed after the flood happend and in the background is a  pedestrian bridge 

Cool Schools

Week 9: The End
by Simran Kaur on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)
Favorite Fantasy Class EVER: Make Your Own Book 101 - Cover to Cover
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